Mission Statement

BridgeMakerARTS is a 501c non-profit operating in Richmond, CA. that serves and enriches community culture and involvement by providing public exposure to art and a means for participation in creative arts, crafts, and maker fabrication technologies.

Our goal is to provide an environment for artists and their ideas to flourish in a public space.

Our annual gallery program includes 8-10 gallery exhibitions curated by staff and guest curators. Additionally we also host a selection of community related cultural events that celebrate the diversity of the bay area.

Our program is run by the Executive Director, curatorial committee, guest curators, volunteers and interns.

Daryl Henline
Gary-Paul Barbosa Prince, Chair, Chief Strategist and Head of Curatorial
Allan Wagner, Financial Officer
Kit Pappenheimer, Chair
Tiffany Doesken
David Borengasser, Secretary
Steven Hurst
Regina Gilligan
Julia Gilden


Located in Point Richmond, BridgeMakerARTS can be found on the site of Bridge Storage and ArtSpace and was an extension of Bridge Storage business owned and operated by Jeff Wright and his father Jim Wright.

Jeff Wright, (who is also a college math professor) along with manager (composer and musician) Daryl Henline decided to break from tradition and take a portion of the storage units at Bridge Storage and convert them into spaces for creativity. In addition they constructed a gallery area where artists, musicians and makers could display their work as well as  invite other artists to come and exhibit…and Bridge Storage and ArtSpace was born.

Their efforts multiplied and grew into over 25 artist spaces and in a short period of time developed into a bustling art community that coexisted in harmony with the Bridge Storage business. They have sponsored art exhibits, music events, record swaps and a variety of cultural gatherings from New Years Day bell ringings to Film screenings.

Not only did this transform the definition of a storage business but it also has overflowed into the local neighborhood and has helped serve to be a catalyst for community building in the Point Richmond area.

The Wrights, realizing that this venture had a life of its own decided to help fund, through generous donations, the nucleus of what has become BridgeMakerARTS.