Jeanne Kortz

Two of the paintings below are of Point Molate (one looking towards the south, and the other at low tide), two are of our Richmond shoreline birds, and one is of an octopus who I named Ms Molate because she was seen at Point Molate not that long ago.

Our shoreline, and our wildlife are in danger. The recent oil spill at the Chevron wharf is just one of the awful disasters that destroy nature. We must have a change. One is the Just Transition program which helps us move away from fossil fuels, promotes sustainable energy and provides way more jobs than the fossil fuel industry does. Also, we must lessen our impact by thinking environmentally by using less plastic, especially plastic water bottles, and other plastics that strangle turtles and breaks down into tiny bits which are being consumed by all manner of sea life and birds

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Sandpipers (Kortz)
Great Blue Heron (Kortz)
Point Molate at Low Tide (Kortz)
Ms Molate (Kortz)
Point Molate Looking South (Kortz)