SALT – Four Artist Drawn to One Compound

Barbara Boissevain, Rachelle Reichert, Kevin Keul & Meri Page
curated by Gwynessa Aetherwyn

February 27 – March 26
Opening Reception February 27,  6-9pm

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BridgeMakerARTS is pleased to have Curator Gwynessa Aetherwyn who brings together four artists who have delved into the mysteries of the mineral Salt.

Salt has such a complex history and varied usage that books have been written about it. Sharing an ecological viewpoint and critique of the process of mining salt, both Barbara and Kevin make note of the price our land pays for its production. Their work highlights the unique way that distance can often create beauty from ugly places.

Meri and Rachelle deal with salt in the finite, seeing it as a rock and mineral that they manipulate into sculpture. Both Meri and Rachelle work with salt as the crystal it is and give it the freedom to do what it will in their art – create or corrode. Their pieces have a delicacy and textural seductiveness that serves as a micro view in contrast to their fellow artists’ macro view.

Being aware of salt’s rich history, the artists reference value, religion, gluttony, and science in their work. Combined into this show, the crystals show off their many facets, in a continuum from beauty to destruction.