Tarnel Abbott


Tarnel Abbott is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area.She is an advocate for social, economic and environmental justice.As an artist, she works in various media and feels the struggle between art and politics keenly.  Finding solace in nature is reflected in the majority of her plein air landscape paintings.The collection in this show features another aspect of her art; more overtly political. Tarnel became a political being as a young woman coming of age during the 1960s . She  lived in Mexico and traveled to Cuba, with her family she participated in Ban the Bomb,Civil Rights, Anti-Vietnam War, Poor People’s Campaign  and the  Farm Workers movements.She remains committed to the fight for equality and justice. From Standing Rock to Chevron’s Richmond refinery, Tarnel Abbott is holding the line.

We are pleased to present this virtual Gallery for the 2020 group show POLITICS: HOLDING THE LINE. To purchase artworks, please contact the artist directly.

Tarnel Abbott (Wikipedia)