Tina Birky

Tina Birky is a watercolor and oil painter. Her art is an expression of her appreciation and awe of nature. Her love of watercolor painting grew directly out of time spent in nature in California, which has been her greatest source of inspiration. She paints what she sees on hikes and trips to the ocean, mountains, rivers, and desert. As nature has been her greatest source of meaning, she is also committed to giving back to nature, at a time when the very existence of life on earth is threatened. One way she hopes to do so is through creating images that reflect the beauty and power of the natural world. All of life is a cycle of interconnectedness, and she sees herself as a humble cog in this wheel of connection, participating through painting and creating images to share with others.

To purchase artworks, contact Tina [email protected]

Looking Across the Bay (Birky)
Mount Tam from Point Pinole (Birky)
North Bay from Wildcat Canyon (Birky)