What Becomes Home: The G.L.U.E. Group

The G.L.U.E. Group: Sheila Ghidini, Bodil Fox, Elaine Michaud, Laurie Polster, Elizabeth Medrano, Leigh Barbier, Fiona Kerry Vander Meer, Joyce Ertel Hulbert, and Regina Gilligan

What Becomes Home May 7  – May 29

What Becomes Home-title-72dpi-5x8

Opening Reception May 7, 2-5pm

The G.L.U.E.  (Girls League of Urban Epistemology ) group exhibit is a visual meditation on “What becomes Home”.  Spaces, places and people inform our perception of what becomes home. A place, where one feels safe, feels at home. A place from which one’s strength of character is drawn, a place of making and doing, of memories, and loving feelings, the sensory experience of place, the smells, tastes…. that collectively tell us we’re home.

As long as we move away from home: because of economics, war, colonialism, or simply by choice – the strategies we possess to make and redefine home are imperative to our survival and vital in the shaping of our very identities.

The G.L.U.E. group have been meeting together for 20 years in a loosely defined schedule at each others studio to discuss work and occasionally working together sharing skills, collaborating.

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